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About Blush works

Blush Works | Express Yourself Free is an expressive arts studio and creative gatherings company based in Orange County, CA. Blush Works was envisioned by, Stephanie Cruz, an artist and educator, raised by the beach, with a passion for floral and interior decorating. Blush Works is devoted to bringing people together to express themselves through the arts within the community, creating a space for collaborations with like-minded people, and inspiring one’s natural creativity.

Blush Works | Express Yourself Free is dedicated to promoting creativity through the expressive arts.

  • To offer a community where people can gather and create.

  • To focus on providing a chic space to learn, play, and create.

  • To design a world full of whimsical imagination and expression.

  • To provide art making for individuals, children, special needs, women, groups, and communities.

  • To support healing through arts as a way of expressing one’s self.

Stephanie graduated from the Europe Graduate School in 2014 where she earned her Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy.